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what it is. >>> u.s. officials hope congress today that in light of the catastrophe in japan they are keeping a very close eye on america's nuclear facilities. >> review of this information combined with our ongoing inspection and licensing over sight, allow us to say with confidence that the u.s. plants continue to operate safely. >>> nuclear officials told the senate economy they are review u.s. plan particularly the ability to protect against natural disaster and power outages. as for japan, one expert predicted recovery will be slow. >> long term cooling of the reactors and pools is essential during this period and has not been adequately restored to date to the best of my knowledge. a massive clean up operation obviously remains for the future. >> reporter: in japan today, the operator of the damaged plant says that crews are struggling to pour water to cool the reactor. the death toll has been raised to 11,000. and they say they expect to rise as high as 18,000. >>> u.s. nuclear plants have had a number of close calls. the u.s. public interest group says since 1990, fed
today faced off over charges that the former player lied to court. u.s. attorney matt parrela told jurors the defendant was given immunity and all he had to do was the tell the truth. he couldn't do it. and testimony will show that he planned not to do it. but defense attorney allen ruby told the jury that bonds didn't lie. and gave information that led to evidence from balco labs. bonds former trainer has consistently refused to testify that he gave bonds steroids shots. >> i think this is the theater of the absurd. >> reporter: the first witness, former irs witness trovisky showed the jury evidence that would eventually lead to greg anderson and bonds' grand jury testimony in 2003. >> we said all along that we were looking forward to and welcoming the chance to the test the accusations in court. >> reporter: now prosecutors say they'll call bell and foster to testify that they saw him using illegal steroids. defense attorney say bell betrayed bonds to sell a book and that hopkins forged bonds signature on memorabilia to make money. >>>-- she sited the decision in rod blagojevich
discovered in sea water. the list of u.s. states reporting race amounts are growing with maryland and south carolina on the list. we should make it clear, that experts say the levels are so small they pose no threat. coming up, the latest on the impact here in the bay area. >> several genotype from a sworm of minor earthquakes. four earthquake struck near the geysers. according to the usgs the smallest was 1.0. no reports of injuries or damage. >>> the california public utilities commission held a hearing today to see if pg&e was in contempt. pg&e officials testified why they should not be held in contempt. if they vote to hold pg&e in contempt it agreed to a $3 million fine right away and another $3 million fine if they don't meet new deadlines. >>> passengers terminal had the look of alou ow this morning at the airport. alos angelesa airlines first flight from oakland toia wey. -- cuwiy. >> hawaii got hit hard a cue years ago. but it really has come back. we are filling on all our planes. >> they will fly four flights a week. the first flight from san jose was yesterday. >>> encouraging e
prices until prices and the u.s. economy stabilize. >> we could actually see a reversal. >> reporter: bottom line, florists can only eat so much of thed a add -- of the additional prices and at some point we'll all end up paying more. back to you. >>> the rising price of fuel is driving up the price for an airline ticket. let's give you a live look at what's happening at san jose's airport. southwest airlines announced it's joan -- it's joining other carriers by hiking up fees. they all raised their fares within the last week. this is the sixth time they raised their rates this year. farecompare.com is reporting that a $00 ticket in january would cost you now $260 today. >>> soaring oil prices sent stocks tumbling on -- tumbling on wall street today. [closing bell ] >> the fighting in libya helped push the oil up today and that's making investors very nervous. the dow jones industrial average finished the day down 70 points, at 1290. the nasdaq was off a little more than 39 points. >>> the federal reserve released a mixed report on consumer spending, showing that americans are buying
commission if any u.s. plants are as of the same design as the crippled plants this japan. >> all the reactors we have of a similar type have undergone modifications and improvements to deal with the kinds of situations we're seeing in japan. >> because of the disaster in japan, the owners of the nuclear power plant outside of san diego are proposing a new earthquake safety study of that plant. the review had actually been in the works months before the disaster in japan. the public ewe tills commission must first approve the proposal since it would be funded through the rates customers paid. it's expected to cost an estimated $21 million. >>> we have developing news. a judge dismissed a drug sales case after watching a surveillance video. the officers entered without a warrant and asked the defendant a medical marijuana patient where his money was. this is the latest case in a scandal involving videos showing what defense attorneys say is illegal searches and arrest by san francisco officers. >>> don't let today's warm weather fool you. after all the wet weather, bigger landslide
go now. >> and he says he will turn this into a new vietnam if u.s. forces landed. >>> he tells the feds what he did not know about the pipeline explosion. we will have that coming up. >>> and we got weather to talk about, light showers out there and more rain on the way. >>> san bruno's fire chief told federal investigators he had no idea that a major pipeline ran through the city until it exploded last september. this was daycare of that disaster, carol haun was there and she is live in washington d.c. with more on what the chief said today. good evening, carol. >> reporter: frank, the chief tells me he was in the dark about the pipeline and takes some of the blame but had he known about it, he tells me he would not have change add single thing about the emergency response. >> we did not know that there was a transmission line through the city. >> reporter: san bruno's fire chief told ntsb investigators that prior to last september's explosion, pg and e had no tip os how to deal with the pipe lines. he knew of two others running behind highway 101 because someone told him. w
as soon as we get it. >>> top u.s. nuclear officials say it could take days even weeks to get japan's nuclear plant contained. officials have tried to use even water cannons. this is an animated model that shows what could happen to the plume of radiation from that damaged japanese reactor. federal officials say this does not pose a danger but here on the coast, scientists are keeping a watchful eye on that plume. as more people head out of japan into the united states, passengers are coming under new scrutiny as security agents begin screening for radiation. >>> meanwhile, president obama has been trying to reassure americans that we are safe. they don't expect harmful levels of radiation to reach the west coast or any other part of the united states. >> further more the centers of disease control do not recommend the people of the united states take precautionary measures beyond staying informed. >> the president also promised to keep americans up to date on the crisis in japan. >>> the california department of public health today joined with all of the others who were saying that
said the operation stops short of removing moammar gadhafi from office. >> it's u.s. policy that gadhafi needs to go. but when it comes to our military action we're doing so in support of u.n. security resolution 1973. that specifically talks about humanitarian efforts and we're going to make sure that we stick to that mandate. >> the president said other measures could lead to mr. gadhafi's fall. >>> nancy pelosi underwent medical tests at a hospital in room. she said she fell ill when she arrived and cancelled the meeting. after several flights to afghanistan, leader pelosi was not feeling well. this morning she was advised to visit a clinic. >>> this is a busy time for yosemite national park but now visitors are leaving the park not staying and they don't want to leave. we'll tell you why they are leaving coming up. >>> to the psychiatrist -- two psychiatrists tested that alex youshock is likely schizophrenic. he is the high school student on trial for attempted murder and possessing explosive devices after he showed up with pipe bombs at the school. if convicted, he woul
. >>> u.s. regular lay the tors today warned consumers watch out for an online scam -- regulators today warned consumers. watch out for an online scam. selling potassium iodine. they may not be the real thing. those pills are supposed to help organ damage. >> they're trying to convince you to buy something you are going to be convinced is the real drug. >> reporter: now there are a legitimate potassium iodine pills available online and at drugstores but health officials stress that they are not needed in the united states because no harmful levels of radiation from japan have been detected here. coming up at 5:30, hear from a tourist, and the precautions she brought with her to the united states. >>> in japan it is ice cold. temperatures are well above freezing making recovery and survival even more difficult. dangerous work is under way across the country. searchers have to make sure they are not injured by falling debris. of the 20,000 people more more than 9,000 are missing and feared dead. >> i found a 9-year-old's body. i had to take her back to her family. >> reporter: search cr
up 95 points at 12,226. the nasdaq added just over 1 point closing at 2,782. the u.s. government revised its estimate on how much china owns in u.s. treasury securities. the revised estimate puts the figure another $1.16 trillion. that is 30% higher than the first estimate the government made two weeks ago. the government said it changed the estimate because they received accurate figures. a move that could have led to interest rate hikes here in the united states. >>> fewer americans signed contracts to buy homes in january. the national association of realtors says its index sales agreement fell 2.8% last month to a reading of 88.9. the second straight monthly decline. june saw the lowest reading since the housing bust at 75.9. a reading of 100 is considered healthy. >>> california of the arts is growing its san francisco campus. the school bought the 2.5-acre yard on mission bay, that's what you see here. the lot, which went for $8.4 million is next to the main building on 8th street. the school's president said there will be extensive research, community involvement, and fund
it will go before a new judge. we learned late this afternoon from the u.s. district court for northern california, that the courts knew chief judge james ware will replace former chief judge john walker. von walker that is. walker declared the -- inconstitutional then retired from the court last march. >>> starting tomorrow, students at harvard will once again be able to join the rotc. the rotc was banned back in 2004. the u.s. navy will be the first new rotc program at harvard. >>> for the first time in three months a worker at nasa state hospital has been attacked. steve chamber social security live in napa where he has learned some of the frightening detales of what happened to the female victim. >> reporter: this is the third attack in recent months. a lot of people are familiar with donna gross who was strangled here back in september. there are still flowers in memorial for her. we are just learning of the details in this case. >> it took five staff members to contain him and get him off of this woman. >> reporter: anaheim was not in the room, but we asked officials but they wou
across the bay area tomorrow night also as we head into sunday. >>> it was a bad day for u.s. rocket scientists after one spacecraft crashed and the take off of another was canceled. protective nose cone covering the nose failed to open. makes it too heavy and forcing it to fall into the ocean. >>> the x37b satellite is a mini space shut that will can fly back to earth and be reused for other missions. government officials say they will try again tomorrow to launch the spacecraft. >>> new information tonight of one about 15% of all bay area families say they couldn't afford last year. >>> back from the brink, what nfl team owners and the players union agreed to today. >>> and it's a packed freeway for this friday night get away. and gas prices are on the move as well. we'll show you what happened in just the past 24 hours. >>> flu at --- new at 6:00, the unlikely odds a high school team overcame. and what all they want now are jackets. >>> and a sacrifice to help keep you safe. >>> a napa state hospital patient accuse of the attempted rape of a hospital nurse wednesday made his first
been mulined. help is -- marooned. help is arriving by boat. u.s. troops loaded helicopters with supplies and headed out to some of the hardest hit areas. meanwhile, all was quiet as crews searched the wreckage, looking for any sign of people reported missing and feared dead. crews are navigating piles of rubbles and finding bodies. they are also looking for any survivors. >> reporter: the concern centering on the nuclear complex is intensifying. a third hydrogen explosion in three days rocked the reactor. coming up, john fowler will explain the threat of a melt down. >>> janet is in tokyo right now and filed this report about what things are like there, beginning that train station. >> tokyo station, one of the main areas. as you could imagine, transportation here in the tokyo area has been chaotic. you can see right here there are lots of people moving back and forth and they posted a sign warning some of the trains have been stopped due to the earthquake. >> it's been problematic. >> reporter: a main concern in japan is power. with the destruction to the power lines, the
the plant boundary there was still no threat to health. also this afternoon the head of the u.s. nuclear agency said all the cooling water was gone raising the risk of fire, spewing radiation sky ward. he made a rare public speech. >> i am deply concerned that the current nuclear power plant situation is critical. >> reporter: people continue to stream out, even beyond the evacuation zone. ultimately what may happen is what you see in this graphic of the three mile island melt down. >> there was no melt through of the vessel, even though there was core that bottom. >> it's going to take days or weeks before we know. >> the u.s. department of energy specialisterize now in japan. and berkeley-nuclear engineer are installing a radiation detector on campus although they insist there is no radiation problem here. john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> the earthquake damaged the nuclear reactors in japan is raising eyes about california's nuclear reactors. ktvu's mike mibach is in san francisco with what he learned. >> reporter: right here outside of pg&e headquarters, one of the power plants.
say forces loyal to moammar gadhafi have pulled back. the u.s. commander says the coalition is targeting gadaffi's mobile mission sites. defense secretary saying nato forces could take over as soon as saturday. an admiral at the pentagon say they are attacking government troops who have been storming population centers in libya. according to the admiral the eastern city is now in rebel control so coalition forces have shifted air strikes west to try to protect a threatened city. however, president obama is categorically ruling out a land invasion to force colonel gadaffi out. >> we don't just have military tools at our disposal in terms of accomplishing gadaffi's leaving. we put in place strong international sanctions. we have frozen his assets. we will continue to apply a whole range of pressure on him. >> president obama also says the u.s. will pull back from its lead role in the international effort. he says the military will begin providing intelligence and signal jamming. >>> some people are upset of the president for taking action without a full debate. john baynor cal
's a global problem. >> potassium io done is iodine is to protect the thyroid. today, u.s. surgeon general, regina benjamin was in the bay area. she told ktvu people living here in the u.s. don't need to worry about nuclear fallout, but was careful not to dismiss people's concerns. >> you can't blame people for wanting to be concerned. i'm not sure that there's a level of need right now and certainly the health officers are monitoring and certainly alert the public if there's ever a real threat. >> despite the reassurances from health experts, manufactures of the supplements say they are seeing a surge in demand and many of the stores that sell ki are out of stock. some people say they are just not worried. >> i don't think people should panic about it. be cautious and listen around and get good information. >> reporter: now some potassium iodine supplements have been selling for a high price online. we saw 14 pills available for $500. normally these pills go for about $10 a pill. there is quite a markup going on because of the high demand. live in san mateo, sal castaneda, ktvu news.
. >> police are also looking at surveillance tape. >>> libya's diplomatic status in the u.s. took a turn today. lawyers are studying a fact from libya, firing it's embassador to the u.s. officials say they have no way to verify the fact since the u.s. embassy in tripoli closed last week. alli ajali has sighted with opponents of gadhafi. until the review is complete, the obama administration will recognize the ambassador as the official representative of libya. >>> a rough day on wall street being blamed on libya and rising oil prices. the market lost more than 1% of its value today. >> the conflict in libya and ongoing unrest in the middle east caused oil prices to climb to just short of $100 a barrel sending the market plunging. the nasdaq fell nearly 45 points closing at 2,337. >> the republican controlled house today passed a two week temporary spending bill which includes $4 billion in cuts. the bill is designed to pie time so democrats and republicans can agree on a measure. however, the two parties couldn't be farther apart. right now it's up to the senate to pass the short term agreemen
personnel helped scrub down the u.s.s. ronald reagan. navy officials say the carrier, crew and all aircraft will be rechecked for radiation after the clean up. >>> in tokyo, people are still stocking up on bottled water despite better news today about the water quality. but the governor of tokyo said the government will continue to distribute water for children to drink just in case. >>> a strong earthquake shoot parts of north asian today. near the borders with thailand and laos. some people felt the earthquake some 400 miles away in bangkok. >>> and today yosemite has announced they reopened all the entrances to the park. we brought you the story on monday when much of the park was closed because of heavy snow and rock slides. although a winter storm warning remains in effect until tomorrow morning. yosemite officials hope to fully reopen the park tomorrow. power is still up but they hope to have it up by this weekend. >>> and our chief meteorologist bill martin just got news of a flash flood warning. >> this morning's rain was extreme rain. now it's heavy rain. so we've had a really prob
of this catastrophe is still too big to gauge. >>> u.s. geological survey researchers say a new study confirms that large quakes, like the one in japan, do not trigger major quakes far away. seismologists closely watched the day after the magnitude 9 quake in japan and compared that with quakes spend ising a period of 30 years name found that big quakes can trigger smaller quakes within a 600 mile radius, but not thousands of miles away. >>> san francisco will giant the nation in standing up for japan. vigils are set for many cities tomorrow night. the candlelight vigil will be across from san francisco's city hall, and include speech ands from various community leaders. >>> coming up, nato takes over in libya. what that means for the pus. and we'll have the latest on the ground war there next. >>> the largest sex discrimination lawsuit ever is about to reach the nation's highest cart. what it means for wal-mart and other companies. >>> just days after the u.s. spearheaded air strike against libya, nato has said it will assume control of all air operations. today the secretary of defense and s
is clearly visible. >>> two years ago the u.s. stock market hit a low. since then stocks rebounded. although today the dow and naz dag were down slightly. >> rude oil prices dropped slightly but still over $100 a barrel. the dow closed at 12,213. naz dag fell 14 points to 2,752. what do investors think and where are they? for our answer, tom vacar. >> reporter: 2600 miles from wall street. today by the two year rise on the stock market, individual investors remain leerily. >> it's a little scary. we pay more attention and more cautious and, you know, it's coming back slowly but it's very slow. >> i am still, you know, trying to be positive but i am also skeptical. >> folks say the crash changed the way they invested. >> i changed around my -- the way it was mixed up, put a few more here and there. >> moved it around. and i chose not to put in more. more than our minimum. >> reporter: since the market bottomed out the dow is up 87%. the s&p up 95% and naz dag up 117%. nonenonetheless -- >> about the same, i think. which i guess is all right. >> reporter: an average 4o1k is worth 70,000. if yo
square. >>> gadhafi forces today stepped up their attacks on rebel fighters. and in washington the u.s. evicted libyan diplomats. >> we are suspending our relationships with the existing libyan embassy. so we expect them to end operating as the embassy of libya. >>> secretary of state hillary clinton said she will meet with egypt leaders. >>> two sisters took center stage at the white house summit today. telling the president and the first lady about their efforts to help a young bullying victim. >> we took a small step in the right direction and i think that people in our community in the bay area really responded well to that. and everyone wanted to do the right thing which was to help this girl get through this victimizing experience. >> reporter: college student sarah and emily attended the first ever white house summit on bullying today and met privately with the president in the oval office. the sisters started a letter writing campaign to boost the spirits of a girl who had been targeted by a bully. sarah and emily compiled the responses into a book called, letters to a bullied
causes. >> reporter: but what about other u.s. bound ships in the pacific on the way. >> ships coming into this area they should be definitely you know looked at to see if there's any issues with the radiation before they come into port. >> reporter: the coast guard tells ktvu if the ship did not pass within 50 miles of the plant, they have no concerns. >> i don't think they're going to let something that's dangerous come into the port. >> reporter: in fact, for six years now, every container coming out of the port of oakland is screens for radiation. >> now it just confirms my feeling of nonconcern. if it was an issue i think the government i hope would let us know about it. >> reporter: in fact, if any trace of radiation is fact, hand held detectors can identify not only the source but the specific isotope that they are looking at. amazing technology, reporting live consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu news. >>> the fda took steps to avoid another incident where a air traffic controller fell asleep on the job. the pilot got no answer when calling the tower because the only air controller
. the researchers predict if the u.s. jobless rate jumps to 7% even more commuters will be hitting the roads. los angeles had the worse traffic conditions. san francisco ranked 6 with a drive time 50% longer than normal nonpeak drive time hours. >>> san francisco nummi light rail is back up tonight. nummi officials say the problem began this morning. it affected the financial district. nummi set up bus shuttles to help the system. >> every time you have a system this hold, we keep trying to sustain it as much as possible. on this day we didn't do that and we apologize to our customers. >> reporter: the crews waited for the morning rush to go to the area and fix the problem. >>> there's not a day that goes by that i don't have at least one emotional break down. i do every night when i'm lying in bed. >> reporter: alan brown lost his 17-year-old son joshua in 2003 in a crash involving a teenage driver. today he spoke out in favor of a proposed new graduated license law that would force every state to put limits on passengers for new drivers, late night teen driving and cell phone use. jim portel's
in the u.s. connecticut senator joe lieberman has advocated for the construction of new nuclear plants in the us and he addressed the issue this morning on "face the nation." >> i think it calls on us here in the us naturally not to stop building nuclear power-plantss, but to put the brakes on until we understood the ramifications of japan. >> he says the plants in the us have a similar design to the damaged plants there in northern japan. >> the department of fish and wildlife says the vertical daniel in santa cruz is minimal, although the monetary loss is at least $17 million. jim vargas live to show us how the clean-up is going so show c. ken, santa cruz harbor is closed until fire and game and coast guard officials are satisfy there had snow damage to the environment or water hazards here. they may be pulling sunken and damaged boats out of the santa cruz harbor for the next week. the spokesperson says so far the virtual damage and harm to wildlife has been minimal. >> we think we dodged a bullet environmentally because most of the vessels damage ready carrying minimum fuel. we
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